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Information for New Users

  • All new users will be given 12 points.
  • If you want to unlock a post, each one is worth 3 points.
  • If a user wants to earn points, they can start posting in the corresponding categories.




     +3 POINTS      



# Review the rules for posting

# The forum users have the option to purchase points or subscribe to our plans

IMPORTANT: All users must respect the following rules:

In case of non-compliance, users will be immediately banned.

  • Spamming is not allowed.
  • Respond properly to posts, out of respect for the members who share their material.
  • Creating double accounts using Proxies/VPNs is not permitted.
  • Fighting between users within the forum is not allowed.
  • Only images/videos can be posted in the CANDID VIDEOS and CANDID PICTURES categories.

Posting Rules

  • Photo/video posts will be rejected for the following reasons:
  • Watermark: Images that advertise other sites are not allowed, unless they are your own.
  • Personal information: Always check the image and make sure it does not include personal information, such as the girl's full name, social media account, etc.
  • Repost: Posting someone else's content without permission is not allowed.
  • GIFs: Large GIFs cannot be used as thumbnails (first image of the post). Only GIFs of 10MB and below are allowed.
  • Under age: Videos/photos involving minors are not allowed. (18+ only)

Format for Candid Posts

  • Post Title: The title you enter must be creative. Posts with short and uncreative titles will be archived and hidden from users' view.
  • Description: We recommend a good description in the body of the post to attract viewers and receive positive comments.
  • Content Quality: If you post videos or images, the quality should be good.
  • Preview of Videos or Images: Each topic must include previews of images and videos.
  • Video Link: Use file servers approved by the Administration.

The allowed file hosting websites on the forum are:


The user with the most posts will be granted access to our own file server and will be promoted to the rank  CONTRIBUTOR.


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